Art Director / Photographer

Biography by DR Pauline Escande-Gauquie (Semiologist, lecturer at Paris-Sorbonne-CELSA)

Neo Tony Lee is a young prodigy of photography, totally atypical, self-taught, and instinctive. A complete artist, he began his career as an artistic director. It was during a fashion shoot in 2008 - where he accidentally replaced a photographer - that he revealed his talent. His first photo series is immediately spotted, where some take years to get an eye. His photographs immediately catch the eye because the visual universe he offers breaks with what is being done. His career is then dazzling. He is requested by the most emblematic magazines (Vogue, FirstLuxe, paperJam, Beaux Arts, etc.) for multiple fashion shoots and by big stars like Beyoncé for this very special visual signature. Its touch: a controlled, advanced, bewitching scenography that sublimates the models in one click by playing with chromatic contrasts. Neo's difference is also in his speed and his instinct: he works very quickly, takes few takes, his scenic inspiration being created "in situ".

Besides, Neo has had a different and decided bias from the start: he refuses to use Photoshop's artifice. “No virtual surgery” is his watchword, in this he is a precursor of the anti-retouching trend. Neo works without a safety net, he dares, flirts with the unprecedented and has this constant need to get out of his comfort zone. He likes the Challenge ... This taste for challenge earned him to be exhibited in 2009 at the chocolate fair for which he designed a series around the 7 deadly sins. One work is immediately selected and sold at auction: the one in which he stages himself with his models by offering a very daring reinterpretation of the Last Supper.

Neo's career is racing. "Visual artist", he tries his hand at portraiture where he succeeds in this rare exercise of revealing the aura of the individual that he captures with his camera. He chooses his Muses with "alchemy" as he likes to say, over the encounters of existence. Unexpected, enthusiastic, he works instantaneously, playing with lighting, natural or artificial light, chiaroscuro contrasts and lines of force of the composition in order to magnify the person he is photographing. His glamorous photos of women are sensual and enigmatic. A humanist, he also likes to "grab" people and it shows in his anonymous photos. He considers that each of us carries within him “something beautiful”, disturbing, touching that he can reveal through photography. Her bulimic desire to see, to seek out this truth in each person, gives her portraits of women, children and men a unique visual signature that offers a sensitive palette of refined faces. In 2013, he took a step forward in his career by being contacted for the 50th anniversary of the famous Renoma brand, which had not worked with a photographer since Helmut Newton. By playing on the masculine-feminine of the chosen model, Neo offers a photographic series that is an elegant, unprecedented and daring resurrection for the Renoma brand.

Voluntary, indefatigable, demanding, perfectionist, his influences are multiple: from the super heroes of Marvel, on which he was nourished throughout his childhood, to the Renaissance paintings of which he seeks to reproduce the atmospheric spirit in his photos by obtaining the effects of light and shadow of great subtlety. Its unique photographic imprint has earned it already being exhibited, at the choice of private collectors, with artists such as Andy Wahrol in 2011, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yves Klein. It was also auctioned in 2012 Antonini and Boisgirard in Nice to big names in photography such as Demarchelier, La Chapelle, Doisneau.